Gain an edge by getting an early start to optimizing your student's potential for college admissions success. 
This special program is for families with high school freshmen and sophomores looking to get a head start.

Our JV Concierge Service gives you access to experts, community, tools and resources you won’t find on your own.

Avoid overpaying for college! Don't let the uncertainty and stress, many families experience in the college journey, overwhelm you! 

Join us and get the guidance you need today.
Marisa Meddin
Russ Vitale
Marisa Meddin is a college admissions expert and the founder of Talk College To Me, where she has helped hundreds of families navigate college admissions. Marisa walks families through every detail and deadline they need to know to make their student the strongest possible applicant he or she can be
Marisa's guidance is both fun and easy to understand…so you’ll feel less stressed and more confident you’re doing everything in your power to help your child succeed. 

Russ is a parent, college admissions counselor, motivational public speaker, and best selling author of College: Making the Complicated Easy. Since 2005 Russ has helped students and their families successfully navigate their path to their top choice college(s). 

No matter where you are in your college planning progression or what your college dreams may be, Russ will help keep you on track so you arrive at your final college destination successfully!
Ready to gain the expertise you need?
Taught by Experts, Without the Expert Price
Leading college counselors Russ and Marisa will guide you, step by step, in detailed areas of the college admissions and financing process.
When you finish this program you'll know how to:

  • choose classes for your student that will position them favorably for their future.

  • create the foundation for an effective standardized testing plan.

  • build a strong activity resume.

  • estimate the cost of college and navigate the process in a cost-effective manner.

  • do effective college visits.

  • start building a college list that meets the needs of your family, student and finances.

  • and much more........
Discover the Benefits
- Monthly Zoom Counseling Session 

- Once A Month Office Hour

- Worksheets & Monthly Newsletter

- Membership in Private Facebook Group

- Discounted rates for one-on-one college guidance with professional college admissions experts
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Reduce your stress and actually enjoy the process.
"I cannot speak highly enough about Russ Vitale, his knowledge about the whole college process, and importantly, his ability to connect with my kids. Every penny spent on his services was worth it ten times over. He helped keep my boys focused at each point of the process and was even helpful when it came to choosing classes for senior year. He has his pulse on what colleges care about and guided my boys from start to finish. Russ also made us aware of certain schools that had previously not been on our radar but which my son loved. I highly recommend and if I had another child, would absolutely use Russ again!"

Best Regards
Tara P (Happy parent of two boys who worked with Russ)
Working with Russ and Marisa
"We have two kids, one in college and one about to go to college. Russ worked closely with them on the academic, logistical and emotional aspects of getting into their desired schools. He got to know each of our kids very well and was able to provide guidance and honest feedback. His feedback and recommendations were invaluable to our kids. We cannot imagine going through this process without Russ. Our kids both got into their desired schools and we believe working with Russ helped that happen. "

- Michael and Jennifer (Parents of two kids)
"I didn’t even know where to start the college admissions process. But after working with Marisa, I now feel much more confident, and I know the exact plan I need to follow to help my child through the college process. For parents who are nervous about the whole application process, Marisa is incredibly helpful." 

-Tatyana B. | Brooklyn, NY
"I was nervous that I wouldn’t know how to help my daughter through the college process. She is an average student, average athlete, and not super active... but after working with Marisa, I now feel much more confident and am better equipped to help her navigate the whole process. Marisa covers everything: what to do during each year of high school, applications, testing, college visits, scholarships and financial aid. I learned of things she can do over the summer to help boost her activity list, and helpful information on writing her essays. I would recommend Marisa to any parent who wants to learn how to help their child with the college process." 

-Rachel O. |Olmsted Falls, Ohio
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